Alan Freysinger

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Ranch remodel reclaims open space

It wasn't the size of the 1950s ranch house that proved to be the problem for the... More

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Remodeling designs as intellectual property

Architect Alan Freysinger was far from pleased when a design review board in Whitefish Bay, Wis., raved about his plans for an extensive home remodel in the wealthy Milwaukee suburb. That's because the homeowner ó Freysinger's ex-client ó was passing off Freysinger's work as his own. More

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Clients learning on the job

Whoever coined the expression “What you don't know won't hurt you” obviously never had a kitchen or bathroom remodeled. Yet even proactive clients who have done their research don't know everything that they will face. More

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Closing a Sales Deal

When it comes to sales, Bill Simone of Custom Design + Construction leaves nothing... More

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Corner boards: Woven corners: Mitered corners

Let's take a look at three common corner details used with wood siding: corner... More

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Four conceptual sketches

Four conceptual sketches addressing the entry and window plan for this remodel's... More

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Remodel of a 1970s A-frame house

Disaster provoked it. And at the outset, disaster could have been scrawled all... More

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