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To Generate Strong Leads, Get on the Phone

For generating strong leads, few methods of canvassing are as effective as simply getting on the phone with past clients. More

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Having a Marketing Meeting

While it's common to hold staff meetings to discuss sales, new company policies, or updates on jobs, few remodelers are scheduling one type of meeting that is guaranteed to bring in more business: the marketing meeting. More

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Ideas for low-cost marketing and advertising strategies

According to experts, how much to spend on advertising can range from 2% to 16% of gross revenue depending on where you put your dollars ó print, yard signs, Internet, TV. Knowing where to advertise means knowing which market to target, what differentiates your company from another, and what type of work you do best. Figuring all that out, of course, costs money. More

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Customer surveys can provide remodelers with valuable information

Bowers Construction, McLean, Va., has been conducting post-job customer surveys... More

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Host Open Houses for Referrals

Engagement is a hot business buzzword, according to marketing consultant Adrienne Zoble. She says that one way to engage your referral base is by hosting open houses at recently completed projects. More

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Cultivating and managing referrals

Referral management is not just about data management,” says Terry Parker, marketing and event coordinator for HomeCraft, a Lenexa, Kan., design/build company that derives 90% of its business from referrals. “If we're not managing referrals properly, we're not managing our company properly.” Strong words, maybe, but referrals are your strongest leads. More

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Woman's Work

Many company owners are becoming increasingly aware that creating an atmosphere in... More

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Targeting Marketing

Considering hiring a marketing person? Don't waste your time advertising. “The days of business owners sorting through 200 resumes, not knowing what they're looking for, are over,” marketing consultant Adrienne Zoble says. More

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