Vinyl Siding Institute

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Myth Busters

Vinyl siding is far different from what it used to be, but do homeowners know it? More

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Color Certified

In case being super-low maintenance and the most popular cladding material in the country weren't big enough sales tools, the Vinyl Siding Institute in Washington, D.C. has introduced a new color retention certification program for vinyl siding and related products, i.e. trim stock, J-channel, soffit vents, and so on. Products certified through testing will be awarded the new VSI logo for color retention. After all, who wants to install a product that will stay on the wall but will end up looking gnarly a few years down the road, creating a backlog of callbacks? More

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Vinyl Siding Update

Since the 1960s vinyl siding has been sold as an exterior that doesn't need... More

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A new program will enable vinyl siding installers to earn certification. More

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Seal of Approval

Jery Y. Huntley is president of the Vinyl Siding Institute, in Washington, D.C. VSI recently started a program to certify vinyl siding installers. More

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