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Buyers Guide: Cellular PVC Trim

Wood is still the market leader for exterior trim, but PVC is gaining ground for... More

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10 New Products Coming to the Remodeling Show

Looking for something new for your next project? Look no further. More

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20 Products You Might Not Know Are Made in the USA

Using combinations of local materials and local labor, many products you use are made right here in the States. More

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Versatex Thick PVC Sheets Make Exterior Millwork Easier

Touted as the thickest PVC sheet in the industry, the new Versatex Max product... More

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Sticky Situation: The Latest PVC Trim Adhesives on the Market

These adhesive producst are specially formulated for PVC trim. More

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Versatex Stealth Soffit System

The Stealth Soffit system, coupled with Stealth Fascia and Stealth Frieze boards yields the first all-cellular PVC soffit system, the maker says. More

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Thinking Outside the Dumpster: Deconstruction and Recycling of Building Materials

By collaborating with material-reuse groups now, remodelers can position themselves as leaders in a practice that homeowners will find increasingly attractive. More

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Versatex Cortex Concealed Fastening System

In partnership with FastenMaster, the maker's Cortex Concealed Fastening System uses a proprietary trim screw and a combination setting tool/drive to countersink the fastener into the PVC trim. More

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Versatex PVC 6/4 Panels

The maker's new super-thick, low-maintenance PVC 6/4 panel eliminates the need to laminate multiple sheets to achieve thicker stock. More

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