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Product Transparency Movement Gets X-Rayed at Greenbuild

The Greenbuild expo covers a lot of ground. For remodelers, some of the more important topics involved energy rating labels and the notion that manufacturers should reveal more about what's in the goods they sell. More

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Hillary Clinton Delivers Greenbuild 2013 Keynote Address

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described the work ahead for the sustainable building movement during her Greenbuild 2013 keynote address. It's more than about just green building, but also economic sustainability and society's well-being. Here's what else she had to say. More

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Watch Hillary Clinton's Keynote at Greenbuild 2013

Each year at Greenbuild, the world's business, environmental, and social leaders take the stage to motivate, inspire, and teach the green building industry. Tonight, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will ignite the gathering as the Greenbuild Keynote Speaker. Tune in at 6:30 on More

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Green Grows Up: The Many Faces of Today's LEED Homes

While LEED-certified homes have some common characteristics, the rest is up to your imagination. More

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Low-VOC? Trust but Verify

Despite putting great effort into reducing the amount of volatile organic compoundsóVOCsóin their products, adhesive and coating manufacturers are still facing an emerging national standard on VOC content that could hold them to the strictest of standards. More

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LEED v4 Passes Ballot, Will Launch This Fall

After many months of debate and public comments, LEED Version 4 passes USGBC member ballot and will be launched this fall. More

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Bad Air Day: Looking to Improve Indoor Air Quality? Address These Issues

AS homes have become increasingly tight, indoor air quality has become increasingly important. But solutions are not always as straightforward as remodelers would like. More

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GAF Has Success With Recycling Incentives

Monetary incentives add up as tons of shingles are diverted from landfills. More

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Making Sense of All the Available Green Certifications

Sustainable building certifications are many and varied. We help you make sense of the options available. More

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Deep Green: A Sustainable Remodel With Appeal for Future Homeowners

This LEED Platinum renovation has a long-range goal: to ensure the building's adaptability for the needs of future homeowners. More

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