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11 New Products from the 2013 Remodeling Show

Products editor Lauren Hunter searched the floor of the 2013 Remodeling Show to find new and updated products for you to try in your next projects More

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VIDEO: USG Introduces Durock Shower System Kits with Specially Designed Components

USG Sales Representative Brett Fleury shows products editor Lauren Hunter how a... More

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Flame Out: New Fire-Blocking Sealants

Try these foam products to stay code-compliant where fire-blocking is necessary. More

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Before and After: Home for Life Remodel

Remodelers can play a key role in helping baby boomers stay in their current homes by making those homes more accessible and livable for all occupants regardless of age or ability. More

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Firing Line: USG SheetRock UltraLight Firecode X

Adding to its line of lightweight drywall, the maker introduces a fire-rated gypsum that weighs 15% less than other type X boards. More

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Rack Rooms: Wine Cellar Design Tips

Although they're regarded as a luxury for many homeowners, wine rooms are becoming increasingly popular for upscale homes. More

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USG Sheetrock UltraLight Panels

Up to 30% lighter than traditional gypsum wallboard panels, Sheetrock UltraLight Panels can help offer easier installation with less fatigue for drywallers. More

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USG Durock Next Gen Cement Board

Durock Next Gen Cement Board features advanced cement technology that reduces the board's weight by up to 25%, making it the lightest cement board available, the maker says. More

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Gypsum: Backerboard: Underlayment

Sheetrock Humitek gypsum wallboard panels resist moisture and mold, the maker says... More

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