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Home for Life 2014 Site Goes Live

Virtual home illustrates how to design a house that functions well and saves money... More

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The Argument for Triple-Pane Windows

This detailed study delivers surprising results More

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Team Austria Wins the 2013 U.S. Solar Decathlon

LISI (Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation) lives up to its name, providing comfortable living quarters connected to the outdoors. More

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Retractable Awnings: The Good Kind of Hangover

The right awning can add visual interest to an outdoor space, with the added bonus of energy efficiency. More

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R-5: A Window on the Future

The DOE's R-5 Windows Volume Purchase Program is abour more than saving money. More

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Building Better: DOE Programs to Boost Residential Energy-Efficiency

The U.S. Department of Energy is investing $30 million in energy-efficient housing partnerships. More

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