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Old College Try

Local colleges could be an excellent source of sales and marketing recruits. More

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Over Easy

Employees entering the hotel conference room are greeted with the mouthwatering smells of ham, bacon, pancakes, and omelets. It's time for Unique Window & Door's monthly breakfast meeting, where bonuses will be handed out -- each of the Indianapolis company's 100-plus employees is eligible to receive a bonus -- and company profit-sharing information will be updated. More

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Air Time

Television can be the centerpiece of your lead generation effort, or it can be an expensive disappointment. It acts as the former for Unique Window & Door, in Indianapolis. The company spends 40% of its annual marketing budget buying air time, some $60,000 a month, 50 weeks a year, says Bob Dillon, president and owner. Television advertising generates close to 50% of sales, he adds. More

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