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One of a Kind: Tailor-Made Cabinetry Details

An in-house millwork and cabinet shop means Titis Built can create unique details for its clients. More

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What Makes an Effective E-Mail Newsletter?

Proliferating popularity of e-mail newsletters compounds potential payoff, challenges for remodelers. More

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Remodelers Identify Rising Business Costs in the Slower Economy

Remodelers' costs are down, finally, for building materials and fuel. But they're... More

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Remodelers and Lenders Discuss the Impact of, and Ways Around, the Credit Crunch

As lenders cut back the funds available to homeowners and businesses alike, remodelers embrace a new fiscal vigilanteism. More

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How Some Full-Service Remodelers Are Moving Into the Small Projects Arena

How does a high-end remodeling company announce and market a new handyman division without jeopardizing its high-end brand? More

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Connecticut Design/Build Firm Embraces Off-Site Education

Weekly jobsite meetings minimize surprises and snafus for this Pennsylvania remodeling firm. More

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People + Skills: Group Effort

Jeff Titus, president of Titus Built in Wilton, Conn., had two key positions to fill: office manager and production manager. He knew the importance of hiring right and was determined not to rush the process. But he also knew that if he followed the traditional route, he'd have to invest a lot of time to find the right person. More

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Moving Into the Office

It's an old adage in the industry: Work on the business, not in it. Sounds great, but how to do it when you have six sites to visit and a dozen fires to put out? For Jeff Titus of Titus Built in Wilton, Conn., the answer was to delegate. More

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