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See How Childhood Memories of Pizza Influenced This Client's Remodel

He loved pizza cooked in a brick oven. Now his backyard porch has one. More

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What Last Words of Management Advice Would You Give?

What advice would you give for running your business without you? One top remodeler asked his peers that same question recently. Here's some of their collective wisdom. More

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Fair Trade: Hiring Open House Proves to Be an Efficient Hiring Solution

For one remodeler, a career open house yields positive results, providing qualified candidates. More

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Sales Alchemy: Getting Prospects off the Dime

Several remodelers offer suggestions such as offering bath packages, using seminars to sell, and offering financing to help prospects make the decision to remodel. More

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To the Bonus, Driver: "Critical Number" Keeps This Company Focused on Improvement

Every remodeling company aspires to general goals involving business performance, but too few distill those goals to a critical number. More

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