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Wrecking Bar Roundup

Learn about the specialized wrecking bars that deck pros use to efficiently... More

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Stanley TLM330 Distance Measurer

The meter measures distance, area, and slope, and can store 20 measurements. More

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Razor's Edge: Stanley Carbide Utility Blades

Diamond-ground tungsten carbide edges make Carbide utility blades five times sharper than standard blades. More

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Nobody's Perfect: How to Apologize to a Client

It's inevitable that there will be mistakes made on a remodeling project. How you and your staff handle those errors makes all the difference to your clients' happiness and your company's reputation. More

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How Now Brown Cow: From the Dairy to Your Remodeling Business, Reputation Is Everything

What you do may get you the lead, but how you do it gets you the job. Building trust and loyalty is the key. More

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Staying Power: Ways to Retain Good Staff

A substantial benefits package and fair compensation help your company attract good employees and ensure that they stay. More

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Ask the Expert: Trades Working Directly for Clients

What to do when your client wants to hire your trade contractor on the side. More

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Stanley Works, Black & Decker to Merge

Stanley will control the combined $8.4 billion tool company. More

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LED Flashlights

LED technology makes new flashlights a bright spot in your toolbox. More

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New Framing Nailers for the Remodeling Market

Find out what to look for when surveying new framing nailers on the market. More

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