Rinnai Corp.

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Self-Control: Rinnai Pump and Timer Kit

Let homeowners set the timing of their hot water supply to coincide with demand with this pump-and-timer kit. More

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Water Power: Rinnai Ultra Series Tankless Water Heater

A unique heat exchanger design lets these units achieve 96% efficiency. More

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Before and After: Home for Life Remodel

Remodelers can play a key role in helping baby boomers stay in their current homes by making those homes more accessible and livable for all occupants regardless of age or ability. More

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History Redux: Creating a Sustainable Design for a Historic Home

This historic Santa Barbara boarding house now exceeds LEED Platinum standards,... More

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Rinnai Wall-Mounted Boilers

The maker's new wall-mounted boilers use condensing technology to heat a whole house and provide domestic hot water while operating at up to 96.5% efficiency. More

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Water Heaters: Expanding range of choices for this home essential

There's an expanding range of choices for residential water heaters. More

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