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Certifiably Skilled: Certification After the Demise of Home Star

Just how important is certification now that Home Star is gone? Many remodelers still see value in having their employees certified in home performance contracting. More

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His, HERS, Ours: An Introduction to the Home Energy Rating System

ED VOYTOVICH: What is a HERS rating, anyway? And what do HERS raters do? A guide for the perplexed. More

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Green Inspiration: Sparking Interest in Energy Efficient Building in North Carolina

A contractor hopes his spec home and remodeling project spark homeowner interest in energy-efficiency and green building practices. More

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Back to School: Home Performance Certifications

Many remodelers believe that there is a legitimate need for home performance certifications, specifically. More

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Building a Future: Effects of the Home Star Bill on Remodeling

Will passage of the Home Star Energy Retrofit bill put remodelers back to work or out of work? More

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Outside Assistance: Getting Started in Home Performance Contracting

Several competing companies -- some of them franchises -- offer opportunities to help get you started in home performance contracting. More

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Remodelers Sort Through Questions as Energy Audits Gain Steam

Between the home energy tax credits and the ongoing energy bill debate, there may be no better time for remodelers to consider offering energy audits. More

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