Remodeling Futures Program

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JCHS: 2024 Shaping Up to Be “Challenging Year” for Remodeling

Remodeling spending is projected to decline on an annual basis starting in the... More

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JCHS Projects Remodeling Activity to Accelerate in Largest Metros in 2022

Six major metros are expected to surpass the projection for national remodeling... More

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Remodeling Boom to Peak During 2022

The Joint Center for Housing Studies projects double-digit gains for the first... More

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JCHS: Remodeling Growth to Continue Through 2022

Despite labor and building material concerns, the remodeling market is slated for... More

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LIRA Projects Modest Remodeling Market Gains in 2021

The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University predicts homeowners... More

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Forecast: Remodeling to Experience Moderate Gains Through 2021

With concerns of a COVID-induced downturn largely dissipating, the remodeling... More

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DIY Remodeling Surge Will Not Last

An aging population of homeowners is among the many factors likely to contribute... More

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