Remodelers Advantage Roundtables

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2019 Impact Award: Coming Home

The award recognizes an individual who embodies, in spirit and in practice,... More

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A Lasting Impact: 2018 Impact Awards

The Impact Award recognizes an individual who embodies in spirit and in practice,... More

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A Word From the Impact Award Finalists

The three finalists from the 2018 Impact Award program share their thoughts on the... More

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Why You Should Dread--but also Desire--a Peer Review

The truth can hurt more than a colonoscopy. Get over it. More

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Stuck in Place

A signed contract sits on a remodeling company ownerís desk. Several jobs come in at once and there arenít enough carpenters. Sales promises a client a start date that canít be met. Materials havenít arrived. Any of these events can create a bottleneck, restricting the workflow or decision-making process. More

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