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Easy Going at the Remodeling Show

The hardest parts of going to the Remodeling Show are getting out the door and then implementing what youíve learned when you return. Hereís how to make it easier. More

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Connect to the Internet From Anywhere

AirCards solve Internet connectivity issues for remodelers and their field crews, saving time and effort. More

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2008 Holiday Gift Guide

Great holiday gifts for remodelers and their clients. More

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GPS and Electronic Time Sheets Save Remodelers Time and Money

It's getting easier to verify where your crews are and when they got there. And,... More

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Choosing your tech tool

Thinking about some mobile technology for spring? Here's my short take on your choices. More

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A Useful Digital Sketcher

The InkLink tracks the position of the pen on the paper and sends the result to either a computer or PDA (personal digital assistant). --Joe Stoddard, a technology consultant to the construction industry, can be reached at [email protected]. More

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Shopping for a PDA

Thinking about buying a PDA (personal digital assistant)? Michael O'Doherty, a network engineer with Horizon Data Corp. of Reston, Va., suggests you ask yourself 10 questions. More

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Cutting Edge Software's QuickOffice products

Cutting Edge Software's QuickOffice lets you view and edit Microsoft Word and... More

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