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Don't Bank on It

Securing financing is getting more personal in the wake of the credit crunch. Remodelers are finding they may need to dig deeper within clients' finances and with their own lending partners. More

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Targeting Profitable Jobs

Separating the wheat from the chaff within that customer plain is how remodelers reap profitability. Case, for example, relies on computer-aided analyses of its extensive project database to predict future customer buying patterns. Other remodelers take the more basic route of screening potential customers to determine everything from the limitations of their budgets to how easy they would be to work with. These interviews help remodelers avoid customers who might impede their companies' productivity objectives. More

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Before+After: Perfect Choices

When the Hesses decided that their townhouse was too tight for a family of four,... More

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Q+A: Employees of the Year

In the past eight years, the two best people I hired came in different ways. In the past, my best field employees have come from knowing somebody in the industry and getting referrals from that direction, or knowing somebody's work prior to them coming with us and being able to work them into our operation. More

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Major vacation-home renovation by two Big50 remodelers

Two Big50 remodelers learn a few lessons when they team up to tackle a major... More

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Give 'Em a Niche

Specializing in a product or service can give your company a competitive advantage. Here are five success stories about remodelers who found and developed a niche.Nine years ago, Shawn Kumar's remodeling company, We Build in San Dimas, Calif., did "anything and everything." More

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