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Tripping Out: Reducing Lumberyard Runs Is a Matter of Planning

Checkout lines may be shorter, but trips to the building materials store are still time wasted and money lost. More

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Are We Experiencing a Suburban Slowdown and Urban Uptick?

Remodels to close-in homes show higher ROI than their suburban counterparts. More

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Checking Client Finances

We ask the Remodeling Big50: Do you run background checks on your clients? More

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Opening the Books, Fortifying the Bottom Line

Donít be afraid of open-book management, says one remodeler whose profits, productivity, and staff cohesiveness are stronger as a result of showing his employees the numbers ñ right down to his own compensation. More

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Followup: Should Remodelers Test for Drug Use?

The "no" response from this month's "Big 50 Face Off," which asked, "Should remodelers test their employees for drug use?" came from Greg Antonioli (Big50 2006) of Out of the Woods Construction & Cabinetry, Arlington, Mass. More

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