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6 Tips for Working in Extreme Temps

Advice on managing the heat from builders working in some of the hottest areas of... More

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OSHA Publishes Additional COVID-19 Reporting FAQs

The FAQs address the need to report employees’ in-patient hospitalizations and... More

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OSHA: Ensure Workers Are Protected From Heat Stress

Monitoring heat levels of construction workers has become especially important as... More

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Judge Rules Heat Index Chart Used by OSHA Has 'No Scientific Basis'

OSHA had used a National Weather Services heat index chart for years as evidence... More

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OSHA Fines Ohio Contractor for Three Separate Fall Hazard Violations

Roofing contractor Jerry Turnbaugh faces nearly $150,000 for five willful safety... More

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OSHA Publishes COVID-19 Worker Safety FAQs

The FAQ page complements construction-specific guidelines posted by OSHA. More

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Federal Court Orders Sanctions Against Florida Roofing Companies for Not Complying With Safety Standards

The coercive sanctions against Travis Slaughter and his companies resulted from... More

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OSHA Fines Florida Roofing Company for Repeatedly Exposing Employees to Fall Hazards

Action Roofing Services faces over $50,000 in proposed penalties for the alleged... More

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OSHA Fines Alabama Contractor for Fall Hazards Resulting in Fatal Accident

Elmer Julio Perez, operating as Julio Perez, faces nearly $140,000 in penalties... More

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OSHA Fines New Jersey Framing Company Nearly $2 Million

BB Frame has been fined for exposing employees to safety hazards at four worksites... More

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