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At Your Service: Unsung Heroes

Don't underestimate the importance of building trust with your clients. Here's an example of an exemplary relationship between job superintendent and client. More

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Fun in the Sun: Summertime Fun for Your Staff

Your staff and crew work hard year 'round, so reward them with some fun. More

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Easy Living Outdoors

Homeowners need guidance to help marry form and function in outdoor living spaces. More

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Getting Positive Referrals

Even the most fastidious and image-conscious remodeler is no match for construction dust, noise, and other unpleasantries when clients are expecting a muss-free makeover. More

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By the Numbers

As a successful remodeling business grows from a one- or two-person operation to a company that warrants a dedicated sales staff, the owner must often assume the role of sales manager. But managing people who sell requires a different set of skills from selling itself. Though entrepreneurs tend to be good sales-people, sales managers also need to be teachers and mentors. The transition can be a tough one. More

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Reginald Marzec, John Steindl, and Andrew Wells

Normandy Builders is ó in a good way, of course ó like the irradiated bug in a B... More

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Big50 2004

The best of the best: That is what the REMODELING editors set out to find each year for the incoming Big50 class. Recipients of this coveted award can't just be good. They must be excellent -- and excellent when measured against their highest-quality competitors. They lead the industry in business acumen and customer service, running exciting and dynamic companies that stand as models for the industry. Read on to meet them. More

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