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Customized Cargo Slide Saves Backs and Project Time

Two remodelers tell how they outfitted their cargo slide to cut down on carrying tools. More

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Southern Pine 2x4 Lumber Downgraded

It's official: effective June 1, Southern Pine #2 2x4 lumber has been downgraded. Testing of randomly sampled 2x4s from sawmills across the Southern Pine-producing region has shown that the strength of the lumber has declined significantly since the official design values were published several decades ago. As a result of the new testing, official "design values" for Southern Pine #2 2x4 wood have dropped by about 30%. More

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As Demand for Building Materials Drops, Remodelers See Lower Prices

After a year of price increases in many categories, remodelers are seeing lower... More

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ProWatch: Going for the Green

The National Association of Home Builders and the U.S. Green Building Council have locked horns over which of their respective green building standards should dominate residential construction. This confrontation, regardless of its outcome, presents another opportunity for pro dealers to stake their claim in a burgeoning trend toward eco-friendlier home building that, if more states have their way, will be mandated. More

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President Bush Outlines "Healthy Forests" Initiative

By Stephani L. Miller. Some groups have even said that the president's plan would hand over national wildernesses to the whims of lumber companies while it ignores the needs of communities along the edges of forests.However, some lumber companies, such as Weyerhaeuser, see little value in harvesting on public lands, because the wood taken is not usually of the same quality as that cultivated on their own lands. President Bush's Healthy Forests Initiative Will Involve the Following Measures: More

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