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More New Homes Included Patios in 2018

The share of new construction homes with patios reached its highest level since... More

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Construction Job Openings Increase Year Over Year

The October 2019 count of unfilled construction jobs is 33,000 higher than the... More

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How To Find the Next Generation of Skilled Labor

The NAHB works hard to showcase skilled trade career opportunities. More

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Share of New Homes With Basements Continues to Fall

The gap between slab and full or partial basement foundations is growing wider. More

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Majority of New Homes Built With Two-Car Garages

Nearly two-thirds of new homes that completed construction in 2018 had two-car... More

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NAHB: Most Millennials Want Laundry Rooms

Half of millennials surveyed by the NAHB indicated a laundry room was a must-have. More

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Fewer New Homes Include Decks in 2018

The number of single-family homes with decks declined from 2017, according to data... More

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