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Power Blend: Creative Ways With Kitchen Island Outlets

Kitchen islands are far more useful if they have power. Rather than sacrificing aesthetics for functionality, here are some clever ideas for concealing island outlets. More

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Why Some Salespeople Outsell Others

It's not the personality; it's certain behaviors or practices that create the top performers in home improvement sales. More

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I have always found that certain sayings or quotes strike some mysterious internal chord that causes light bulbs to go off. Some spark new ways of thinking about familiar problems; others serve to guide me through really tough decisions in a world that can be very complex and confusing. The following are a few of my favorite quotes that have some relevance for your remodeling business. These may not resonate for you the way they do for me; I'm sure you have your own favorites. The important point, however, is to understand the power of quotes and see how to use them to your advantage. More

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