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2012 Replacement Contractor of the Year: Hullco Exteriors

Window and siding company Hullco Exteriors set out to make itself the household word of home improvement in Chattanooga, and succeeded. More

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Stimulus Packages: Ways to Motivate and Inspire Your Employees -- on a Budget

In this roiling economy, business owners are looking for new ways to motivate staff that won't break, or even crack, the bank. Turns out praise and respect go a long way. More

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It's About Time: Job Clocks Boost Employee Punctuality & More

Job clock software offers benefits beyond simply reducing employee tardiness. More

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Pinterest: Another Social Media Marketing Option for Remodelers

Pinterest, a social media site, connects remodelers and potential customers and enables them to share design ideas with each other and with a wider audience. More

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Sales Alchemy: Getting Prospects off the Dime

Several remodelers offer suggestions such as offering bath packages, using seminars to sell, and offering financing to help prospects make the decision to remodel. More

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City Watch: Top 20 Best-Performing Markets for Remodeling

From the Top 100 Markets list, we take a closer look at the 20 best-performing markets in the U.S. More

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Cross-Training: Young Remodelers Gain Experience at Other Remodeling Companies

Time spent at other remodeling companies helps next-generation remodelers gain insight and learn more about running a remodeling business. More

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On-Board Specialties: Bringing Specific Skills In-House

Mosby Building Arts' new hires bring valuable masonry, landscaping, and siding skills in-house, helping the company control both quality and costs. More

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