McCutcheon Construction

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Remodeling's Lifelong Lessons Lead to Growth

How Michael McCutcheon rose to the top: a rags to riches story More

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2010 Wage and Benefit Survey

Despite cutbacks, remodeling company owners remain positive More

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Remodelers' Enduring Lessons from a Bruiser of a Downturn

Consultant Linda Case gathers case studies from remodelers who are pulling out the... More

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Way Ahead of the Curve

Most of his “green” clients, says Michael McCutcheon, owner of McCutcheon Construction, in San Francisco, are “true believers.” These high-end clients arenít jumping into “green” simply for the tax breaks, and they are early adopters. More

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Bringing Design In-House Can Improve Client Experience and Your Bottom Line

Hiring full-time designers can not only improve the client experience but give a... More

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Woman's Work

Many company owners are becoming increasingly aware that creating an atmosphere in... More

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Q+A: Employees of the Year

In the past eight years, the two best people I hired came in different ways. In the past, my best field employees have come from knowing somebody in the industry and getting referrals from that direction, or knowing somebody's work prior to them coming with us and being able to work them into our operation. More

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