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Rich Rewards

Last November, Maine Window & Sunroom's 12 sales reps went from selling on a system where their compensation was partly tied to what they could get for the job to one in which compensation is based on how close to the list price they can get in negotiating deals with homeowners. More

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Meet Me There

Weekly or daily sales meetings build accountability and boost morale. More

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Giant Steps

Last year, Maine Window & Sunroom made capital investments. Quite a few, actually. The Kennebunk company set up a full-scale branch in Bangor, opened a 10,000-square-foot distribution center, and purchased an Owens Corning basement finishing franchise. More

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Sunroom industry positively affected by West Nile virus

Not that the popular opinion of mosquitoes was ever particularly positive, but ever since the first human cases of the West Nile virus in the United States popped up in 1999, even the staunchest animal-rights activists have at least thought about hurting a fly. "We don't specifically tell people that a sunroom will keep them from getting the West Nile virus, but it's definitely a concern of some consumers," says Cristi Holmes of Maine Window & Sunroom in Kennebunk. More

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