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Much Obliged: Who Fixes Those Old Windows?

Whether to service products by manufacturers no longer in business, or where warranty has expired, can be a tough call. More

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Financing Fundamentals: An Interview With Jeff Moeslein

Remodeler Jeff Moeslein gives a sneak peek at his upcoming session on financing. Learn the basics behind how his company offers this option to clients. More

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Beyond the Comfort Zone: Reinventing Your Business to Grow and Prosper

JEFF MOESLEIN: Shifting gears from specialty contracting to design/build remodeling to grow your company. More

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Head Count: Planning for Staff Cuts

A plan tied to key metrics can help you handle staff cuts. Having the plan in place in advance can help you make rational decisions when the pressure is on. More

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Facing the Future: What's in Store for the Remodeling Industry as the National Economy Gains Momentum

The remodeling industry is poised for a recovery, but challenges remain. Here's a look at the key hurdles to overcome and how some remodelers are tackling them head-on. More

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Getting Ahead: The Value of Joining a Peer Review Group

A peer group proves invaluable for this mix of home improvement pros, allowing full-service remodelers and replacement contractors to share business advice and best practices. More

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Hard or Soft Sell?

Energy tax credits can help bring new business if you market and sell them in a way that fits who you are and what you do. More

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