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Facing the Future: What's in Store for the Remodeling Industry as the National Economy Gains Momentum

The remodeling industry is poised for a recovery, but challenges remain. Here's a look at the key hurdles to overcome and how some remodelers are tackling them head-on. More

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Fund Control Escrow Tool

In a challenging economy, fund control provides assurance for remodelers that their clients have a way to pay for their remodeling project. More

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Companies find success in diversification

Some see specialization as the future of the industry, but plenty of remodelers beg to differ with the notion that a jack-of-all trades is a master of none. More

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Single-Line Success

Adding a specialty business isn't for everyone, but it can be a real profit center. More

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How remodelers talk about money

Like a lot of other remodelers, Strong Construction in Fremont, Calif., can't afford to waste time with clients who want to push $50,000 where $100,000 should go, or who get fixated on some magic number for a project's cost. But co-owners Steve and Sandy Strong also can't afford to turn away good business, so they bring up the big, bad B word ó budget ó as part of the typical first phone conversation. More

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Tips for hiring a controller

There's no mandatory size past which you must have a controller, but a good time to consider hiring one is when you hit about $1.5 million in sales, suggests Steve Ramaekers, of Mainstreet Restorations & Remodeling. More

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Establishing separate corporate identities: windows and remodeling

Three years ago, Jason Larson, owner of Lars Construction, a San Diego design/build company, decided to create a division dedicated solely to installing vinyl windows. "It allows us to monitor job costs and watch sales in that division," Connor says. More

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Focusing on window customers' needs

Larson, of San Diego-based Lars Construction, a company that includes a $1 million... More

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Window of Opportunity

Jason Larson, owner of Lars Construction, a remodeling firm in San Diego, used to get calls from people wanting to know if his company installed windows. A full 95% of the windows Jacor installs are vinyl replacements, and Jacor will install a single window just to get its job signs in new neighborhoods. More

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