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A strong bonus plan can make your production staff more efficient

Ed Lane had run a successful remodeling company for 20 years before he hammered out an effective bonus plan for his project managers. The breakthrough idea, suggested by his production manager and finessed over a period of months, was to focus on actual job costs, rewarding project managers for each job they completed on budget. More

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Ambassador position to build relationships

Ed Lane, owner of Lane Homes and Remodeling in Richmond, Va., has his own community "ambassador" on staff."--Victoria Downing is president of Remodelers Advantage, Fulton, Md., (301) 490-5620, [email protected]. More

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Getting Help

Employee personal problems can wreak havoc on your productivity. If your company included an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) among its benefits, now would be the time for you to refer that employee to it. For information on employee assistance programs and how to set one up or find a provider, go to the Web site of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association at, or ask your local hospital for referrals. More

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