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Pitch-Perfect: How to Run a Sales Meeting

Sales meetings are a key component in your sales process, setting the tone for and influencing the success of the meetings required to close the sale. More

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Booking Sales: Using a Presentation Book to Inform Clients About Your Company

To educate clients about his company and to emphasize its longevity and principles, Tom Sertich, president of Kirk Development, uses a presentation book. More

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Trades and Suppliers Feel the Pinch

With both trades and suppliers overstretched in a tough economy, remodelers are finding it challenging to keep projects competitively priced and on schedule. More

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Lead sheets to guide the call-taker

When a potential client calls Kirk Development Co.'s office, there isn't always a... More

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S Video-TV Combo Helps Sell

The salespeople at Kirk Development Co. carry S-video cables in their briefcases to connect laptops to client televisions on second and third sales calls. More

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