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Handle small jobs with up-front planning

While some use small jobs as a gateway to larger projects, many remodeling companies continue to focus solely on smaller jobs, and still others maintain separate small-job divisions to keep from turning over these jobs - and profits - to other remodelers or handymen. More

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Digital camera can preserve evidence

Rotten framing and other unexpected discoveries behind old walls can derail schedules, add to time-and-materials costs, and cause some homeowners to question your credibility. Short of X-ray vision, your best defense against these finds is a digital camera. More

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Navigating from carpenter to CEO

What compels carpenters to go into business for themselves? A wide range of... More

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Job Cost Analysis Tips

To avoid being fooled into misidentifying the source of cost overruns, Jud Motsenbocker of JUD Construction in Muncie, Ind., makes the following recommendations: Compare hours estimated to hours spent. Summary reports usually provide enough information, but sometimes they can be misleading. More

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