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Panel Products Make Strides with New Introductions

Innovations come in all shapes and sizes, but 4x8 is the most popular right now.... More

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Johns Manville MR Faced Fiberglass Batts

Formaldehyde-free MR faced fiberglass batts use a water-based acrylic binder that meets California's Section 01350 standards. More

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Few take advantage of energy tax credits

Come mid-April, it turns out that Americans aren't eager to work with Uncle Sam... More

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Surface Treatments

Remodeling Magazine staff picks the latest products. Made from naturally... More

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In Focus: Insulation
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formaldehyde-free fiberglass products

Since the Clean Air Act was amended in 1990, fiberglass insulation manufacturing plants have been required to limit emissions of formaldehyde, phenol, and methanol -- hazardous pollutants produced by the manufacture of fiberglass insulation. In March 2002, the company made the switch from using a formaldehyde-based binder in its fiberglass products to an acrylic resin binder. More

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