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LIRA Estimates Industry Will Gain More Momentum in 2018

Within the next year, the annual rate of change is estimated to increase by 1.4... More

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Q2 LIRA Reports Healthy and Stable Industry Growth

Annual rates of change are predicted to remain at or above 6% through Q2 2018 More

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New Poll Shows What Consumers Want from Your Website

Their interests don't match yours, a survey by The Farnsworth Group finds. And... More

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Interest-Rate Hikes Will Benefit Remodeling, JCHS Panelists Predict

Good: Higher mortgages could slow new-home purchases. Bad: Rate hikes will push up home equity loan costs More

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Remodeling Spending Could Hit Record This Year: JCHS

But the market's future is much different than its past, research group says More

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JCHS: Home Remodeling Growth Likely To Slow in 2015

LIRA indicates big-ticket spending growth will decelerate to 1.6% by 3Q2015 More

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