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Innovative Strategies, Risk-Taking Can Promote Revenue Growth for Remodelers

Todd Jackson of Jackson Design & Remodeling took risks and quadrupled his... More

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Pebble Flooring Details to Add Texture & Detail

A textured floor accent adds movement and dimension and elevates the artistry of a project. But the detail requires creativity and close coordination with skilled trades. More

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Good Word: How to Reward Clients Who Get You New Business

It takes work to create a referral reward system and work to sustain it. But the experience of many contractors shows that a well-designed and consistently managed system regularly yields leads. More

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Marketing to the New Remodeling Client

In a tough economy, remodelers are reviewing the value of every promotional dollar they spend. Consumers have changed, and so must remodelers' ways of reaching them. More

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Do Better Deals for Homeowners Mean More to Spend on Remodeling?

Remodelers and industry insiders consider the impact of dropping home prices and mortgage interest rates on a potential new sector of remodeling clientele. More

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