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Shed Some Light: General Tools Lighted Pickups and Screwdrivers

Illuminate tight fastening situations with two new lighted screwdrivers. More

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Campaign Season: How to Build a Marketing Campaign

Tips for developing a step-by-step short-term campaign that packs a long-term punch. More

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Workplace Crackdown: New Worker-Misclassification Law

More states, the latest being Pennsylvania, take aim at the construction industry with a new worker-misclassification law. More

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Mood Swing: The Business Owner Sets the Tone for the Entire Company

In a tough economy, company owners are under pressure. Don't let that stress permeate the entire company. More

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General Tools & Instruments EZ Pro Dovetailer Dovetail and Box Joint Jig

Novice and experienced woodworkers will find benefits in the EZ Pro Dovetailer Dovetail and Box Joint Jig. More

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You Can't Fool the Budget

Discounting during a recession may just speed your company's demise. More

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Two Questions That Are Critical to Many Companies' Survival

What causes sales, and when do you pull the trigger? Linda Case says author and consultant Kraig Kramers has some important insights for remodeling companies. More

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What Remodelers Need To Know About Their General Liability Insurance Policy

Your general liability insurance policy may cover less than you think. Don't be caught off-guard. More

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Accounting for Replacement Costs

Repair and replacement costs can take a bite out of your operating budget. Philbin's crews also pay to repair their tools, unless the damage was due to negligence of a co-worker, but Philbin pays to sharpen or replace bits and blades. More

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