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City Watch: Top 20 Best-Performing Markets for Remodeling

From the Top 100 Markets list, we take a closer look at the 20 best-performing markets in the U.S. More

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Adding a roof along with an addition

Re-roofing the entire home when you build an addition is a smart proposal for you and your clients.Finding shingles to match is not a problem when Waller Construction, Lakeland, Fla., is building an addition. But if the roof has less than five years left in it, says secretary-treasurer Mark Pennington, "we strongly suggest they make the change, More

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Mapping Your Process

Last August, Gardner/Fox, a design/build remodeling company in Bryn Mawr, Pa., hired a consulting firm to take the company through a procedure known as process mapping. More

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Helping Hand

Shortly after Mark Wysinger finished paying off the 15-year mortgage on his North Philadelphia row house, the house burned down. Unfortunately for Wysinger, a laborer employed by the design/build remodeling company Gardner/Fox, Bryn Mawr, Pa., he'd also stopped making payments on his homeowners insurance. Then one of Mark's fellow workers at Gardner/Fox suggested rebuilding it. More

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Ingredients for a successful partnership

In my experience, most remodeling partnerships do not succeed. As business owners, they not only have to complete the job on time and on budget but they have to worry about collecting payment, paying vendors and subs, finding the next project, and so on.This diversity gives the business a broader foundation and helps define the role that would be most effective for each partner. More

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