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Don't Call It a Bid

Use the right words to educate potential clients about the pricing process. More

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Pitch-Perfect: How to Run a Sales Meeting

Sales meetings are a key component in your sales process, setting the tone for and influencing the success of the meetings required to close the sale. More

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Remodeling Company Owners Who Work in the Field

It's possible to swing a hammer and still run a thriving, profitable business without going crazy. More

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Stuck in Place

A signed contract sits on a remodeling company ownerís desk. Several jobs come in at once and there arenít enough carpenters. Sales promises a client a start date that canít be met. Materials havenít arrived. Any of these events can create a bottleneck, restricting the workflow or decision-making process. More

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How Production Metrics Can Improve Your Company's Performance

Business metrics provide objective data for making decisions that help you achieve your business goals. More

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