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Texas, Oklahoma Contractors Flooded with Work

A labor shortage has left the storm-ravaged states vulnerable to unscrupulous... More

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FEMA Resumes Letting New Home Buyers Assume Current Flood Insurance Policy

Agency also using the rate tables that were in effect prior to Biggert-Waters'... More

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FEMA Sets Priorities for Enacting Flood-Insurance Relief Bill

Louisiana senators press agency to speed up on a provision reversing rate hikes... More

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House Passes Flood Insurance Relief Bill

It's now up to the Senate to pass or modify the legislation. More

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House to Vote on Flood Insurance Wednesday

House Republicans hope their modified flood insurance bill has bipartisan appeal. More

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Is Flood Insurance Your Problem?

If you don't know much about substantial improvement, it could be. More

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Senate Cements Flood Insurance Hike Delays

Legislators uphold the House budget’s Biggert-Waters Act flood insurance premium delay. More

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Delay Flood Insurance Hikes? Not So Fast, Coalition of Insurers and Green Groups Says

The Senate should reject proposals to delay massive rate hikes and other changes to the National Flood Insurance Program and instead take other steps to limit sky-high increases in their premiums, a coalition of environmental groups, insurers, and other organizations recommends. More

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Coming to Grips With Hurricane Sandy

Long Island remodelers took a direct hit from the hurricane. Now they“re in the front lines of the recovery. More

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