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Turning Tables: Website Lets Remodelers Rate Their Clients

Website Randy's List is the contractor's answer to Angie's List, letting remodelers review clients -- both good and bad. More

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Taste Test: Dealing With a Client's Dubious Requests

Remodelers can face a dilemma when a client asks for a project that is tasteless or is on the verge of violating code. More

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Paper Chase: Which Documents to Keep and for How Long

It pays to keep office paperwork organized and to know which documents to keep and which to shred. More

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Busines How-To: Paper or Plastic? Accepting Credit Card Payments

Should your business accept credit cards or not? More

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Nobody's Perfect: How to Apologize to a Client

It's inevitable that there will be mistakes made on a remodeling project. How you and your staff handle those errors makes all the difference to your clients' happiness and your company's reputation. More

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Past Imperfect: It Pays to Run a Background Check

To protect you and your company, it's worth it to pre-screen potential hires by running a background check. More

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Got You Covered

The key to avoiding disputes is to consistently and thoroughly document job progress. Here's what you should track and the tools you can use to do it. More

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Lien Times: How and When to File a Lien

Though liens offer protection for remodeling companies that are having trouble getting payment from a client, remodelers should use liens carefully and sparingly. More

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