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Small Jobs Add Profit

There is plenty to worry about when you take on any project More

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Handle small jobs with up-front planning

While some use small jobs as a gateway to larger projects, many remodeling companies continue to focus solely on smaller jobs, and still others maintain separate small-job divisions to keep from turning over these jobs - and profits - to other remodelers or handymen. More

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Using skilled retirees part-time

Punch lists and skilled retirees are a match made in heaven -- or at least in Cape Cod. Dale Nikula, president of Encore Construction, says "Our need for workers varies at times, depending on the number of jobs in progress and the stage each is in." His $8 million company takes advantage of its retiree-rich location by advertising in local newspapers for "individuals with years of experience in building and remodeling who are interested in working a flexible schedule on an on-call part-time basis." More

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Check It Out

Several years ago, Dale Nikula's Encore Construction laid a tile floor in a client's first-floor entryway. The client had picked out the tile with Nikula, who was then in sales. Construction began, and the client decided on a different tile. She and Nikula spoke about the change but never communicated it to the project lead carpenter. The team had to rip up the tile and start again. This error ó as well as several other costly mistakes in other jobs ó stung. More

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Assigning management duties to lead staff to cut overhead costs

Dale Nikula, president of Encore Construction Co., knew that he wanted to grow his $1.2 million company into something much larger. More

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