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Class Act: How Interactive Whiteboards Could Help Your Remodeling Business

Companies are discovering the virtues of interactive whiteboards, the popular classroom staple that has proven useful for sharing information and sparking ideas in business settings. More

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Vacation Home Remodel

On an unseasonably warm October morning, the Delaware River flows less majestically than it normally does through Bucks County, Pa. It hasn't rained in the county for a month, and the river level is low. More

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Knowing your competition

It's good to know your competition ótheir weaknesses and best practices ó so you can improve your own business. But should you be friendly with your competitors? Yes, says Victoria Downing, consultant to the remodeling industry, author, and REMODELING contributor. More

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Reader survey on consumer trends

Most of our ReaderPanel respondents agree that today's remodeling customers are... More

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Measuring for mold problems
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