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What You Can Learn From the Mouse

I remember a friend of mine once saying, “Interruptions are my work.” It stuck. We need to be about people and the work will follow, writes Kathy Shertzer. More

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Listen With a Discerning Ear

Know when to speak and when to listen when pre-qualifying leads, writes Kathy Shertzer. More

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Help Clients Make Healthy Design Choices

Kathy Shertzer blogs about helping clients stay informed about indoor air quality and healthy product choices. More

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Yay! It's Over

Blogger Kathy Shertzer is glad the 2012 presidential election is over. More

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The Lost Art of Being Kind

Being kind may sometimes be a challenge, but it's worth it. More

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Be Yourself on Sales Calls

There's no need to be inauthentic and just "play a role." More

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Remodeling Hieroglyphics: The Benefits of a Clear Job Identification System

A clear, consistent job ID convention can limit confusion and put a wealth of useful information at your fingertips. More

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Facing the Future: What's in Store for the Remodeling Industry as the National Economy Gains Momentum

The remodeling industry is poised for a recovery, but challenges remain. Here's a look at the key hurdles to overcome and how some remodelers are tackling them head-on. More

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