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Go Green With Air Sealing

Homeowners are still looking to save on energy and sealing up air leaks is one way... More

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Improving Energy Efficiency with Dow

Products Editor Lauren Hunter and Tom Parker of Dow discuss the Revitalize Home... More

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Before and After: Home for Life Remodel

Remodelers can play a key role in helping baby boomers stay in their current homes by making those homes more accessible and livable for all occupants regardless of age or ability. More

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12 New Products From IBS 2012 - Day 1

A dozen new products from chemical companies, exterior products manufacturers, interior finish and fixture suppliers, and many more. More

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Exterior Expression: Designed Exterior Contest Winner Remodels Virginia Home

Using Ply Gem's Designed Exterior package, Case Design/Remodeling does a total facelift for a retired Army veteran. More

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Dow Froth-Pak Foam Sealant

Two-component quick-cure Froth-Pak Foam Sealant fills gaps and cracks, and cures in minutes. More

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Dow SafeTouch Fiberglass-Free Insulation

SafeTouch Fiberglass-Free Insulation is manufactured from the same polyester fiber material used in clothing and bedding. More

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Builders' Show Products, Day 3

Solar roofing shingles, radiant heating, underlayment, and other introductions from the show floor. More

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Wrap It Up!

Manufacturers add convenience and more benefits to housewrap. More

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