Division1 Architects

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Rowhouse Redux With Sustainability in Mind

Division1 Architects renovates a Washington, D.C., rowhouse in a modern, sculptural style. More

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2010 Remodeling Design Awards

Selected from 245 entries, 20 projects stand out for distinction in Remodeling's 2010 Design Awards. More

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2009 Remodeling Design Awards

The annual Remodeling Design Awards recognize creative excellence in remodeling projects in nine categories and 26 subcategories. More

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Best of the Year: "Modern Engagement"

This award-winning project brings residential modern design to otherwise conservative Washington, D.C., throwing in some interesting design elements along the way. More

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Big Game Hunting

Mike Gilkey got into commercial window installation for the simplest of all possible reasons: to keep his crews busy during the cold months. A few years ago, Gilkey, whose company has four locations in three states and produces its own windows out of a 50,000-square-foot plant in Cincinnati, began putting the vinyl windows he manufactures, as well as other windows, in office buildings and condominiums of anywhere from 3 to 20 or more stories. Today, his company operates a separate division, Gilkey Commercial, which accounts for approximately 15% of Gilkey's $22 million in sales. More

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