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"Belly-to-Belly" Marketing Yields Best Payoff for Creative Remodelers

Remodelers move away from traditional print marketing to opportunities for... More

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How Some Full-Service Remodelers Are Moving Into the Small Projects Arena

How does a high-end remodeling company announce and market a new handyman division without jeopardizing its high-end brand? More

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Changing Your Marketing Approach

As the market softened in the second half of 2007, Jerry Liu, president of D.G. Liu Contractor, in Dickerson, Md., saw the company's leads slow dramatically. Liu knew the company had to change its marketing approach to pump up the lead flow, which would feed production needs. More

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Training Program Gets Apprentices Up To Speed

A well-planned training program gets apprentices up to speed. More

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Learning lessons from mistakes

Forget your ego, realize you have made a mistake, and move on.” That's Jerry Liu's, of D.G. Liu Contractor, attitude about making mistakes. He embraces the idea that he is imperfect and has learned from the past that the sooner you admit you fell short, the more valuable the lesson. More

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Tricks of the Trade: On-the-Job Education

Dale Brown, lead carpenter, DeCiantis Construction, Stonington, Conn. I had a crown molding job in a historical home and the ceiling and corners were not at 90 degrees. Ron Little, lead carpenter, D.G. Liu Contractor, Dickerson, Md. D.G. Liu offers its lead carpenters $2,000 toward the purchase of a pick-up truck cap. More

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