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Value-Subtracted: Tighter Appraisal and Lending Practices Continue to Affect Remodeling Market

Lower property values coupled with restrictive lending practices is leaving more remodelers with the bulk of their sales coming from customers who can self-finance. More

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A Foot on The Brake: On Hiring, Remodelers Proceed With Caution

The new remodeling HR is slow and cautious to hire. And remodelers have surprised... More

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A Filter for Hires: Two-Step Hiring Process Filters All But Strongest Job Candidates

California remodeler's two-step hiring process includes 242-task self-assessment form. More

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Marketing to the New Remodeling Client

In a tough economy, remodelers are reviewing the value of every promotional dollar they spend. Consumers have changed, and so must remodelers' ways of reaching them. More

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Budgeting: Working in Reverse

For one remodeler, "reverse budgeting" helps clients define and stay within their budget range. More

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How to Hit That Budget Target

Using job cost percentages aids one remodeler in value-engineering and helps clients stay on budget. More

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