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Tough Times, Flexible Tactics: Tips for Selling in a Down Economy

Leads are fewer and jobs smaller. You need to go farther and work harder to sell a... More

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Public Displays: Crowley Construction

At the end of a home show, Gary Crowley has usually accomplished two things. First... More

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Service 24/7

Gary Crowley, owner of Crowley Construction, recently came back from a 12-day vacation and nobody even knew he was gone. A year and a half ago, fed up with solicitations he received at the office and not particularly happy with the "repetitious and impersonal" nature of answering machines, Crowley got in touch with Contact Communications. More

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Boost Your Markup

When Vermont remodeler Gary Crowley decided to shift his pricing from a 15% markup on materials to a straight 50% markup on materials and labor eight years ago, he was afraid his closing rate would drop to nothing. More

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