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Checking in With Architects

Remodeler David Crane, of Crane Builders, is contacting architects for project leads. More

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Maximizing your personnel

A personnel system should define a company's needs, find the best person to fulfill each of those needs, and retain those employees. David Crane, owner of Crane Builders in Nashville, Tenn., uses the DISC personality profiling system to make sure new hires fit the company culture. More

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Helping employees manage personal finances

As part of their benefits package at Crane Builders, owner David Crane pays for a personal finance seminar for his employees. It helps them understand and plan their own finances, and it makes them more sensitive to the Nashville, Tenn.ñbased company's finances. More

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Training is essential to growth

Training yourself, your managers, and your field crews will turn your chaotic circus into a well-orchestrated troop. More

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Magnetic signs for vehicle advertising

David Crane of Crane Builders in Nashville, Tenn., found himself faced with laws that prohibit job signs in the area's two ritziest neighborhoods, Belle Mead and Forest Hills. To stand out from trucks with painted-on signs, he had oval signs made, using his eye-catching crane logo. More

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Mardi Gras Marketing

Sending clients and business partners smoked salmon or candy for the holidays... More

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