Classic Homeworks

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Advertising typical remodeling costs

Classic Homeworks includes typical costs of several types of remodeling projects... More

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Second Look: Richard Pratt

A second look at Big 50 firm Classic Homeworks' owner Richard Pratt. More

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How remodelers talk about money

Like a lot of other remodelers, Strong Construction in Fremont, Calif., can't afford to waste time with clients who want to push $50,000 where $100,000 should go, or who get fixated on some magic number for a project's cost. But co-owners Steve and Sandy Strong also can't afford to turn away good business, so they bring up the big, bad B word ó budget ó as part of the typical first phone conversation. More

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Working in a Competitive Subcontractor Market

The subcontractor market is getting more competitive and more complicated. Remodelers are taking a new look at how they find, manage, and retain top-notch partners. More

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Separate informational binders to communicate effectively

To avoid these situations, I issue three separate informational binders to the office, the field, and the client. --Joel Oatten, production coordinator, Classic Homeworks, Denver More

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Name change and marketing makeover retools company image

A name change and marketing makeover turned into a bonanza of market understanding for a Denver remodeler. As a result, Rick Pratt, of the newly renamed Classic Homeworks, expects to continue his 25% annual growth rate. Four University of Denver MBA students each put 80 hours into a thesis to develop demographic research and marketing plans, at no cost to Pratt. More

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