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Gypsum Panel Tile Backer

Weighing less than standard cement backer board, GlasRoc is designed to resist... More

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New Products for Elegant and Enduring Exteriors

New window, door, siding, adhesive, and exterior products. More

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New Glass Master SG-420 Duct Board Grooving Machine by CertainTeed Machine Works

The machine can fabricate fiberglass spiral ducts up to 50 times faster than... More

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CertainTeed Debuts One-Component Liquid Flashing

The SmartFlash One Liquid-Applied Flashing is UV-stable, reusable and applies... More

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CertainTeed Launches New Channel Trim Series

Terminus Trim is available in five configurations for lay-in panels, drywall... More

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CertainTeed Ceilings Adds New Support Clip to Quickspan Locking Drywall Grid System

The Quickspan Support Clip is designed to support longer spans and reduce the... More

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Meeting New Challenges: Asphalt Shingles vs. Metal Roofing

How solar power, material advances, and natural disasters have reshaped roofing... More

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Siding Over the Rainbow

These siding products strengthen exteriors and let you play with color More

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Panel Products Make Strides with New Introductions

Innovations come in all shapes and sizes, but 4x8 is the most popular right now.... More

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